Safety & Drug Program

Job Site Safety

There are many ways that accidents on the job site can be avoided. When selecting your contractor, you should always ask how your contractor approaches safety. It is important to know the effectiveness of your contractors safety program. No one wants to be issued a citation by OSHA and have your project shut down!

WFCA’s members maintain jobsite safety by indepth and proper training for all new employees. Each employee has been trained and instructed on how to address risks and hazards that can exist on the job, and are fully instructed on the use of all equipment and each piece of protective equipment.

Drug Screening Program

Drug and alcohol use in the Construction Industry is dangerous. Poor decision-making and slowed reaction times from drugs and/or alcohol use can cause serious on-site trouble. According to the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the construction industry has the highest rates of workplace drug use. The US Department of Labor has posted that the drug and alcohol use by construction workers is at an all time high. These laborers create risk on the job site affecting overall job safety and work efficiency and productivity.